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"One of the very nice things about touring is meeting nice and other forward-thinking musicians, like the Bristol duo Giant Swan. We appreciate each other's work and they are a good example of the fact that current techno doesnt always need to be safe and predictable. Great title too, i have a soft spot for good titles. Robin Stewart of Giant Swan also makes great solo records.”

The Fall - Live at St. Helens Technical College '81

"Since The Fall started releasing records in 1978, I have always bought their releases. So, when Mark E. Smith passed away in 2018 I was very much upset. I made a tribute 10'' ep, called FOR. This is a very fine example of The Fall at their peak. Steve Hanley's bass defined the Fall sound. Smith's intelligence and iconoclastic attitude was and is a big inspiration for me."

"Avant garde/ambient/dub with very long tracks. Great album, favourite track: the dread influenced "Choppers Over Negril.”

"Bryn Jones is/was another huge inspiration. He truly was a musical genius, far ahead of its time. Since his untimely death in 1999 'new' releases keep on coming. It was said he used to make up to six albums a month! Love artists for not taking endlessly long to make music. Get it out in the open! My forthcoming LP 'Explain The Food, Bitte' is the third LP in just over two and a half years. Vote Hezbollah was released only as a CD, now it's released on the vinyl and as we all know vinyl still rules!"

"The Discrepant label is one of my favourite avant garde labels. The respect is mutual as they asked me to remix their entire catalogue for a casssette, released last year to coincide with the label's tenth birthday. This is fantastic modern classical music - I love playing music like this at home."

"The On-U Sound label, along with The Fall and Muslimgauze, another huge inspiration for me and I have been also with them since they started. Forward-thinking dub at its best. This is a new album with mostly unreleased music from the project centered around Ari Up, the late singer of The Slits."

"The sound of my teen favourites Klenex and Liliput, transferred to 2021. Great D.I.Y. music with also jazz and avant garde influences."

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