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"Recently I mastered an incredible compilation (see below), one of the tracks in there that grabbed my attention was by an artist from the Netherlands named Michel Banabila. I checked their other releases and was blown away by their latest release Wah-Wah Whispers. The whole album is incredibly beautiful!"

"Last year my good friend Johann Merel mastered a compilation called Behuá Icára – Ritmos Para Sanar. It is the first in a series of compilations coordinated by Peruvian electronic music collectives Casalocasa and Combustión. One of the artists in there is named QOQEQA and their latest release AxuxA is currently on repeat."

"A few months ago I mastered a collaboration between Serafine Steer and John T. Gast that is out on 5 GATE TEMPLE. Garden of Love is very soothing and makes me want to return to the sea."

"At some point I used to listen to Tricky's Maxinquaye quite a lot and was pleased to discover that my friend LA Timpa remixed one of their latest tracks called I'm In The Doorway..."

"Another recent favorite..."

"ABII is a collaboration with Astrud Steehouder from Paper Dollhouse..."

"The compilation that I mentioned previously came out on Knekelhuis. Not all tracks are playable yet but this beauty can be added to the list."

"A recent music video by Koreless'from their upcoming LP that will be out on July 9th on Young Records."

"This is not a release as such but recently I discovered those 8-10 hour of rain and pink noise recordings on youtube. I find mixing and blending the volume between them is extremely relaxing and helps to reset my hearing. Open all the links below and blend the volume of each to taste, then switch yourself off":

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Leslie Winer & Maxwell Sterling/Tim Buckley: Once I Was via Light In The Attic

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