Via RWDFWD (Hotline Recordings / Peng Sound / NoCorner / LAVALAVA / FuckPunk / Mechanical Reproductions):

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Lovely, tripped out 7" from our friend Via Maris, on Jabu's great new label 'do you have peace?':

Recently reissued Jazz goodness, been getting nice rotation here recently:

Pessimist is at it again, in depth-charge style with some heavyweight chug business - this one's a heads-down drifter:

Time has only made this one better. Great to see these raw, eclectic Mica Levi works on tape via DDS:

Our friend Matthew at Disciples is constantly hard at work pushing the good stuff, and this one adds to that strong catalogue of unearthed goods:

Tip straight from Alex at Studio Tape-Echo - drum-heavy, new-school jazz bizniz:

That sweetspot between early 2000's RnB bangers we have a sweetspot for, in a fresh twist - A big combo of JA's RDL on mic, and SKRS on production, served via our good friend and HQ-sharer Miles at Bokeh Versions, alongside the Duppy Gun crew:

Love the punk attitude and the unique mashing of sound-worlds Maral brings to her productions in such an effortless way. This LP hits a real sweet spot between classic Iranian sounds, raw dubwise approach and dance music which is equally at peace on the home hifi:

Well... Bit biased here maybe, but we do honestly love the wide-spanning, nonstop quality of the tracks on this 6 track 12" featuring friends and family of Noods Radio - It's their first slab of wax ever, and it comes with a Studio Tape-Echo design:

Big tip on this one - industrial weight club tekkers and dancehall abstractions from Weird Weather, presenting their 2nd 12" on own label LASH00:

Via Ossia (Young Echo / RWDFWD / Blackest Ever Black):

Here are a few things that spring to mind when thinking of great recent-ish music. No particular order, but I love them all and will be coming back for more in future, no doubt:

Tod Daraku – Quod Tenebris Dominatur:

Before West Brabazon There Was... The Very Best Of Operation Egodeath:

Sunun – CL003:

Iration Steppas Meet D. Rootical – Original Dub DAT:

Rider Shafique – When Will We Learn / O$VMV$M Version:

Via Guest (Young Echo / Jabu / Noods Radio):

Via O$VM$VM (Young Echo / Dollar Discs / NoCorner / Idle Hands):

Amos: me and seb (vessel) used to listen to this on repeat at his mum's house back in the day pretty sure the bass upset a few neighbours (and pos seb's mum) as well:

Amos: proper queasy and beautiful ones from micachu, all weird vignettes and interludes - me and sam love a good 1 min long tune as well and there's loads on here:

Amos: the greatest to ever do it, def one of my most listened to records of all time. used to get rinsed in school 24/7 and still does:

Sam: i love early 2000's dancehall instrumentals and this compilation highlights why:

Sam: another crucial record with a uk flavour, a must have for anyone interested in UK soundsystem history:

Via Anina (Noods Radio / NTS):

Via Matt McDermott:

Via J.Tripp: