Via Troth (Altered States Tapes, Knekelhuis, Not Not Fun):

Captain Rom Nurio: Full Moon Toadsongs
This 80’s NZ ambient / experimental masterpiece by the late Rom Nurio is scarce with information. Really beguiling stuff.

Elegant Craftsman: George Nakashima
George Nakashima is an inspiring architect and artist making the most beautiful furniture out of wood. He leaves live edges and lets the tree tell what form it should take. After being put in concentration camps post World War Two, he and his family had nothing and he wasn’t allowed to practice his profession as an architect. Friends and fellow architects, Antonin and Noémi Raymond, vouched for the Nakashima family and backed their release. They then all lived on a farm together in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Despite the trials and tribulations Nakashima kept his humour and spirit, in this video he says he is “like a druid” :)

Mark A Hunter: The Mary River
Definitely one of my fave songs ever, can’t get sick of hearing it. I am fairly sure it wouldn’t translate outside of a very niche audience of Aussie folks though. Give it a go and see for yourself.

Selfness Records
I just found out about this label from our hometown done by some really friendly, young heads. There has been basically zero interesting / electronic music going on here since I moved back from Melbourne a few years ago, which I found pretty baffling for a place increasingly gentrifying / becoming a ‘city’. I don’t really jam ‘club-ready’ stuff too heavily these days, but I’m stoked there’s people picking up the torch and putting on events / releasing locally cut records.

James Vinci
James is one of the best artist / design people out and a very good pal. He kindly did a Troth shirt for us recently, definitely worth checking out his one-off drawn shirts for a taster of his wobbly worldview.

Forrest Bess: Key To The Riddle
Unfortunately this sits behind a paywall, but worth every cent. An affecting and personal introduction to an under-appreciated surreal artist we weren’t previously aware of. The less said the better, just watch it.

David Ireland: The Flesheaters
Was gifted a copy of this novella by my mum’s friend as a teen. A prime slab of pure Australian absurdity.

Stained Glass
I’ve been really obsessed with stained glass for some time now. I have a set of windows I’ve been wanting to restore and use. It’s an ongoing project for now! I’m really inspired by historic buildings but also modern glaziers, doing great things with abstract designs and fusing, such as Tessa Mackenzie.

We cook a lot. This is the recipe I originally based my Paprikash on, but added tofu and vegetables (carrot, potato, red capsicum) so at least it has some vague nutritional merit. Paprikash is a traditional Hungarian stew. I serve it on Orzo (small Greek pasta). It’s like Amelia’s special meal ‘cause it pairs foods from both of her ancestral homelands.

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Various Artists: Kwalk (Wah Wah Wino) via BOOMKAT

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Scheidung Online: Untitled via LOW COMPANY

Keith Fullerton Whitman: GRM (Generators) - Parts 1+2 via HARDWAX

Rod20: The Hidden Notes Project (pt. 2) via AXIS

Various Artists: Kwalk (Wah Wah Wino) via HARDWAX